Hi, Guys this is vishal and today i here to tell you how can you can your website on flippa, Listing fees success rate and more.

To list your site on flippa.com first of create your account on flippa at the top right corner you gill get login and signup button you should click on signup to create a new account.


Enter your first name , last name and email address and press continue or you can continue with google so you don’t need to enter details.

Once your Account has been created at the top right side you will sell website button, click on that button.


Once you click on sell now button a new window open , and there asking URL of your Website, Enter your website URL and click Continue.

Once you enter URL, there is an option You need to choose either you are selling the whole website or you are selling the domain only.

So you should click on Websites or online business, Once you click on it.

Now flippa will ask some details about your website Like your Website is Earning Revenue or not, Your website age, if you select your website age less then a year flippa will consider it as started website and the listing fees for your website is 15$, If you select your website age more then a year then flippa consider it as established website and charge 49$ for listing.

Flippa Listing Dashboard

Now flippa is asking more details about your website Like Site category , Traffic , revenue and more, You can also verify your traffic with google analytics and if your site is monetized through google adsense you can verify adsense revenue too.

Flippa Seller bio

Now you need to enter a catchy tagline for your website that attracts buyer, summary and seller bio.


Now you need to select Duration i suggest you to select 30 days to get more bidder and maximum price for your website,and then enter starting price i suggest $10 for starting price and now you can enter reserved and buy it now price and click on Next

Flippa Pricing

Now you should Package there is to type of package Basic and premium If you are beginner Just go with basic package, however if you have much budget you can go with premium boost there is more chance to get your website sold, Personally i was using basic plan.

Once you have select the plan, Now you need to complete the payment there is two option available to complete your payment credit card and and paypal, once you have done payment then flippa ask you to earning and expenses of your website of previous months, after that you need to verify that this site your and you are the only owner of the website, There is multiple option available for verification like you can verify via HTML meta tag or upload a file in root directory of your website.

I hope my article help you to list your website on flippa, once your site is listed now you start getting bidding for your website. Thank you

If you have any doubt or query contact me on instagram : instagram.com/vishal_jethwani7

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